BrandNet is celebrating its 100th limited edition medallion design with a-soon-to-be released medallion to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the charge at Beersheba. To celebrate the milestone they’re gifting limited edition medallions to collectors.


For 15 years the team at BrandNet in Canberra have been recording and sharing Australia’s military history in proof-quality Limited Edition Medallions. This month they celebrate their 100th design with a-soon-to-be released medallion to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the charge at Beersheba.

Proof quality medallions are one of the world’s most dynamic collectables and thousands of avid collectors, in Australia and overseas, await new releases from the Canberra studio with keen anticipation.

To celebrate the milestone the company is asking people to select a gift medallion with every limited edition medallion purchased from its collections.

According to BrandNet’s lead designer Steve Rainey, who has designed or overseen the design of every medallion created, the 100th milestone almost went unnoticed.

“We are so intent on sharing history and the achievements of the men and women we commemorate that we don’t often look at our own achievements,” he said. “To us, the focus is on creating unique pieces that reflect the importance of our military’s contribution to society, whether it’s commemorating an event or remembering those critical periods of history such as Gallipoli.”

“We only picked-up the milestone because we are getting ready to move stock to allow us to expand our warehouse. This is a fantastic achievement and one that is only possible because people support our work by investing in these medallions.”

The range of medallions created over the years is vast, from the internationally renowned Sands of Gallipoli series through to more recent additions, such as a series to commemorate operations in Afghanistan.

As part of the current Centenary of the Great War the design team recently added a new series of designs to its charge of the Light Horse at Beersheba in October 1917. It is the medallion that remembers the charge that was the 100th created.

In designing limited edition medallions Steve says he and the design team work closely with historians and members of the Australian military to ensure the essence of what is being remembered or celebrated is captured.

“It is not just the medallion that is important to us. We want the information that accompanies every piece to be a true record of the history we commemorate,” Steve said.

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