Between the air shows and PR giveaways the Roulettes are playing a big role in promoting the professionalism of Australian defence and the limitless opportunities in today's Australian Defence Force.


Image: Roulettes' soft toy brings smiles to all

It’s 1970 and the Beatles said ‘Let it Be’. Led Zeppelin wanted to give us a ‘Whole Lotta Love’. And in the skies above Point Cook Victoria, four amazing RAAF pilots in Macchi jets introduced us to the Roulettes. 

Just like music, the Roulettes have changed a lot in the past 47 years. For starters none of the current Roulettes were born! The Macchi gave way to the Pilatus PC-9/A in ‘89 and the team grew and shrank a few times until it settled on the current display of six aircraft.

Today, like then, this team of RAAF instructors is still stunning spectators with perilous-looking formation aerobatics at speeds of 450 km/h above the tree tops.

The Roulettes play a big role in promoting the professionalism of Australian Defence. Whether at an air show, major sporting event, or helping commemorate an important occasion, they represent the limitless opportunities available in today’s ADF.

Roulette 7 is a special position in the team currently filled by Flight Lieutenant Ashley Kissock. His role is to coordinate events and to provide commentary during the display. 

With his role on the ground FLTLT Kissock is often the face of the Roulettes and the link between the awestruck spectators and the Roulette team, although he says wherever possible the team try to get back to the event to meet and greet spectators.

Today's Roulettes
FLTLT Kissock (second from left) - Roulette No. 7

Importantly for the young and young at heart, FLTLT Kissock also carries the team’s bag of ‘goodies’ for the spectators.

“We find that by having PR items available to give away it breaks down barriers and provides people a reason to initially come and say hello,” he said. “It also provides a lasting symbol of the day they saw the Roulettes display, not to mention the smiles it brings to children’s faces when they receive a Roulette soft toy or Roulette glider.”

FLTLT Kissock says the interactions with the public let the team better represent the Air Force as a potential employer for those interested in service and helps maintain a good relationship for Defence within communities around Australia. 

“By displaying at many locations – sometimes out of the way places – we can provide exposure for Air Force and Defence to areas that would otherwise not have any Defence interaction. It’s a great role and one every team member enjoys.”

While FLTLT Kissock‘s role is on the ground during displays he also pilots the “spare” aircraft whenever there is a display.

BrandNet, the team behind the online service stores, has been responsible for many of the Roulette PR products and is chuffed to hear that these simple fun giveaways are making a difference for thousands of people.

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