The heroic efforts of the Australian 2017 Invictus Games team inspired Australians to share their pride during the weeklong event in Canada last month. The games will be in Sydney next year.


After a week of gruelling athletic competition in Canada, Australia’s 2017 Invictus Games team is home for a well-earned rest and recovery.

Their inspirational performances proved to all that personal determination, perseverance and the right support can change the lives of people overcoming any disability.

The team at BrandNet was proud to be invited to create team Australia’s Invictus 2017 medallion and we join all Australians in welcoming the team home and in thanking them for doing us all proud.

The 43-strong team of current and former servicemen and women, each wounded, injured or suffering illness in service to our country, received hundreds of messages of support on social media during the games. The sentiment was that of pride and inspiration. You can see them all on the Team Australia Facebook. Here are just a few.

 “I have cried, cheered and laughed showing my pride in our Aussie athletes - Far more rewarding and pleasurable to watch than the Olympics - Just miss an Aussie hyper excitable broadcaster - Well done doesn't come close - Thank you.”

“Well done to you all, with or without medals you’re all champions in Australia’s eyes!”

“We are SO PROUD of all of you and can't wait for it to be here next year in Sydney! I'm going to make sure I travel to Sydney and volunteer. You are my heroes”

“What an awesome group of men and women. Congratulations to all, you all have shown your best, and have done your country proud. Thank you all.”

Team Australia was supported by the Australian Defence Force and the Returned and Services League.

Next year’s games will be held in Sydney and expressions of interest are now open to athletes and coaching staff wanting to participate.  To find out more visit ADF’s Invictus games page.

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