Military Shop is a leader in military medals. We’ve worked with Australia’s Navy, Army and Air Force for more than 20 years. Our knowledgeable staff can advise on medal restorations, medal replicas, mounting and service ribbon bars. Trust your medals to the team that respects their true value. Great information and special deals can be found on our Medals info page. Information on the wearing of medals is available at It’s an Honour website.

While the aging of the service medal itself is part of the character of the medal, the deterioration of the mount and ribbon can detract from its presentation and make it unwearable. Military Shop provides a complete medal mounting service, with new medal ribbons, medal clasps and swing and court mounting.

Securing your precious medals

We take our responsibility for your medals seriously. Medals are stored in our high security safe until hand-delivered by us to our mounting service which in turn stores your medals in a safe until we personally collect them. If you insist on medals being posted we insist that they be couriered. Original medals have a significant financial and historic value and are difficult to replace if lost.

Replica medals and clasps

We have an extensive range of full-sized and miniature mounted replica medals and medal clasps from the Great War through to today. Our superb quality replica medals are commonly used to replace lost medals or to create sets for family use. Please note that the conventions on wearing medals – replica or original – should be adhered to at all times. Information on the wearing of medals is available at the Australian Government’s it’s an Honour website.

Replacement Commendations and Badges

For collectors and for those wanting to maintain a faithful medal record of family service we carry a range of commendation and other badges such as unit citations, return from active service badges, combat badges, and more.