Free 1914 John Murray AIF Identity Disc


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Free 1914 John Murray AIF Identity Disc


Add this replica 1914 AIF identity disc to the other fantastic mementos included with the John Murray Great War Memory Penny Diaries. >

The metal ID Disc worn by members of the Australian Imperial Forces was designed to assist in the identification of seriously wounded or dead soldiers. In 1906, Australian soldiers were issued with a tin disc and given orders that it was to be worn around the neck (they had to find their own twine!). The discs were stamped with the soldier's name, regimental number, religion, and unit. The use of identity discs for AIF members was governed under AIF Order No. 2 issued by Brig. Gen W.T. Bridges, on 26th August 1914. The first discs worn by the AIF were created aboard the troop transports carrying the first contingent of Australian and New Zealand troops to war. Each transport was issued with blank discs, a hammer and metal stamp kit.


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