Kokoda: In Defence of Port Moresby Ltd Ed Medallion


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Kokoda: In Defence of Port Moresby Ltd Ed Medallion


Australia's victory against Japan at Kokoda was the final blow to Japan's hopes of gaining a foothold on Australia's doorstep. As part of the defence of Port Moresby it was one of the most significant battles in the Pacific War. Japan's initial invasion plan was thwarted in May when the ships of its invasion force were turned back by at the Jomard Passage by an Australian led naval taskforce, and in the Coral Sea by the U.S. Navy.
On 21 July 1942 Japan began its assault across the mountainous Owen Stanley Ranges. For the next two months on the Kokoda track advancing Japanese and defending Australian and Papuan forces were locked in fierce and hard fighting. Within sight of Port Moresby the Japanese were turned back and thus began a bloody fighting withdrawal to the landing beaches. The fight ended with the Japanese defeat in January 1943. As the fight on Kokoda raged in August a separate Japanese force attempted to capture airfields at Milne Bay at the south-eastern tip of New Guinea - just 400km from Port Moresby - but after almost two weeks of battle were forced off the island by a combined Australian and American force. The fight for Port Moresby secured a vital Allied base for the War in the Pacific.
The medallion measures 50mm in diameter and 4.5mm in thickness. Only 500 medallions will be struck. The medallion is presented in a quality leatherette presentation box and includes a numbered Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity. A very rare collectable.

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