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It's your pride in our country we share

Create lasting personal and family connections to this special milestone in Australia's story with quality Australia in the Great War commemorative centenary mementos. Each item is created in consultation with leading historians to capture history and stories of the Great War that give Australians a tangible connection to our past and a lasting memory of this special time. Show your pride during the 2014-2018 Anzac Centenary and honour our promise to remember those who served.

Collect or share. Always remember.

With your support in the Anzac Centenary AGW has raised $400,000 for Soldier On and their work with today's diggers. Together we will do more.

CENTENARY TODAY: To the Western Front 1916 Collection

This landmark collection remembers 1916 and Australian forces in the Battle of the Somme for the Western Front in France and Belgium. In July and August Australia commemorates the battles of Pozieres and Fromelles, where our force endured almost as many losses in a matter of days as were suffered during the entire Gallipoli Campaign. By year's end some 40,000 Australians had been killed or wounded in these European trenches.

Today more communities have a family connection to the Western Front than any other theatre of the Great War. Share their story.

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Learn and share. The AGW Diaries trace the story of the Great War through the stories and experiences of a single Australian family - at home and on the frontline. Created with detail to history and the times, each year's diary builds with four inserts to create a story that can be shared by young and old. Each insert includes six detailed collector pennies. Stunning yearly binders create a beautiful set for your bookcase. JOIN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALREADY READING AND COLLECTING.

Bears of History

Make sharing history with family easy with these exclusive limited edition Great War bears. This is the world's most stunning and sought after collection of detailed Great War bears. Each uniform is historically true, including replica badges, FREE ID tags and webbing. These bears have a story of service to share. A real treasure for young and old alike to remember the Centenary. Especially designed to help us honour our promise to always remember. Explore the range

Detailed Figurines

For people with an interest in history or a pride in service nothing stands taller than traditional cold-cast bronze figurines. Each AGW original and exclusive limited edition Great War figurine is created with an eye for detail. Gift or collect and always remember those who served. View the Collection

Remember the whole story

AGW shares the stories of the Great War, from why we went to war though to Armistice and the events between. New collectables released each year for avid collectors, budding historians and all proud Australians.

Drinkware Badges Pennies Female Relatives Badges Two-up Sets

Great War Drinkware

  • Australia in the Great War 1916 Drink Cooler


  • The Western Front 1916 Drink Cooler


  • Great War War Declared
    Drink Cooler

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  • Great War Victory at Sea
    Drink Cooler


  • Great War 1914-1918
    Drink Cooler


  • 1916-2016: April 25 - Dawn Of Respect Coffee Mug


  • Great War March to War Coffee Mug

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  • Great War Victory at Sea Coffee Mug


  • Australia in the Great War 1916 Bar Runner

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  • The Western Front 1916 Bar Runner

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  • Great War 1914-1918
    Bar Runner


Great War Badges

Great War Commemorative Pennies

Replica Female Relatives Badges

These faithfully reproduced Female Relative Badges are a must for all collectors and of great interest to those with a family link to the Great War or the Second World War.

The badges were first issued during the Great War when the Australian Government established special badges for issue to the nearest female relative of a member of the Australian forces on active service. Separate badges were issued to signify relatives serving in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). The badge reads “ISSUED BY THE DEPT OF DEFENCE. TO WOMEN OF AUSTRALIA. FOR DUTY DONE”.

During the Second World War a single all-services badge was issued and included relatives of those serving in the Merchant Navy. This badge reads simply “TO THE WOMEN OF AUSTRALIA”.

The badges, worn proudly by mothers, sisters and wives of those serving, were not automatically issued but had to be applied for through the local post office.

Each reproduction with chain and clasp is housed in an acrylic display case with a printed sleeve that tells the story of the individual badge.

Great War Two Up Sets

The Western Front 1916 Two-Up Set

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"Two-Up" is very much a part of Australia's Great War story. The coin-toss betting game was a welcome relief from the realities of life in the trenches. The excitement of two pennies flying, the gathering of mates and new men, and the hope of winning, spirited them away, if just for a moment, from the horrors of war.

Ideal for play on Anzac Day or use the keyhole mount at the back to display.

Sands of Gallipoli 2016 Collection

The superb 1916 commemorative centenary proof quality silver finish medallions reflect Australia’s War in 1916 – on the seas, in the deserts and on the Western Front.Click here for more details.